Friday, August 7, 2009

Recreating Some of My Trip

As was the main topic of most of my posts from Europe, the main topic of conversations I had about Europe once I was home was of

Can you blame me, really?  The food that I had over there was terrific.

After saying, “Oh, I wish you could have eaten this,” to my parents about four hundred times, I came to a realization.

You know, I could probably cook some of this stuff.  

So I decided that I would try.

The first step was something that I just couldn’t get enough of when I was in France, even though they seemed really difficult when I saw them being made. 


Ooh, what a beautiful gift from above.

I went online to look for some good crepe recipes, and I found a nice website that showed how to make them (complete with pictures and everything!). As it turns out, they’re not that difficult to make. You don’t really need a fancy crepe pan or that weird stick that they use when they make them.  And the recipe is only butter, eggs, flour, and milk.  Super easy.

And delicious!

Another thing I just had to try was trofie—the hand-rolled pasta I had in the Cinque Terre. This one proved to be quite easy as well, but very time consuming.  I found the recipe on another website. All you need is some unbleached flour and water.  The time consuming part is the rolling.  My parents and I tried it and ended up spending almost an hour preparing the noodles.

When we were done, though, it tasted wonderful.  Just like the trofie I had in the Cinque Terre! We decided that trofie is a great thing to make at a party or something. The more hands you have helping, the better. My parents and I had some great conversation while we were trying to roll those little noodles.  

It was wonderful to be able to show my family and actually let them try the kind of food I had while I was in Europe.  I think they really enjoyed it, too. 

Stay tuned for the story of my kite!



  1. Yum!
    I second the revelation that crepes are delicious.

    And you know what, when I read this on my phone I was going to tell you that you needed to put the links for the recipes on here, but I realize now that you already did that! Congrats!

    So what kind of sauce goes on trofie? Pesto?

    Hehe, your parents don't look too happy about doing all the rolling while you play with the camera.

    I love you,

  2. mmm. i know. so good.

    yeah, that's pesto on there. it's so good. maybe i'll put the recipe on this entry too. mmmmmm.

    mom loved rolling it, but dad was a little like, "couldn't we just cook some noodles?" but he realized the big difference once we were done.