Friday, June 26, 2009


(Posted from La Rochelle, France)

While we were in Ireland, we also went back to Dublin. Here are some city pictures.
Not necessarily a lot to see there, we thought, but we did go to the Guinness factory.  
No only was there Guinness merchandise, but they also sold hot sauce and seasonings and stuff like that. Crazy. 

Hey good lookin'. 
My very own Guinness. And they put that mark on the top with the beer coming out of the tap.  So cool. And I drank the whole thing, for your information. After seeing how it was made I could appreciate it more. 
Happily leaving the Guinness factory with bags of goodies. 
Bad day for this guy. 
We went to a cute pub and got some dinner. I broke down and got buffalo wings (my favorite food).  I couldn't help it.  My original plan was to wait for when I get back in the States to have some, but these looked so good I couldn't resist. 
Bullshit Corner. That's where I sat.  :) 

Just wanted to tell you about Dublin.  The London post is coming soon, and it'll be much more interestin.  :) 




  1. HelloOOOOooo! This is Lindsay (since Logan uses this under my name, I just want to be clear)!

    What great pictures!!! Logan is going to be SOOO jealous that you went to the Guinness factory! He absolutely loves it. I have to be honest, I’ve never tried it… I feel like I should eat it in a soup bowl with a big soup spoon because it’s so thick! Did you like it?

    They had hot sauce at the Guinness factory?! Were you able to sample it at all? I’m very curious about it… humm…

    So, how ere the buffalo wings compare to Buffalo Wild Wings? Haha!

    Hehehe… your face in the “Bullshit Corner” picture makes me giggle!

    You’re still in France? How are you liking it? My cube neighbors at work who have been there didn’t have the most positive experiences (to put it nicely) with the French… = / Hopefully your experiences are more positive than theirs!!! I’m excited to see more pictures and to hear more of your stories!

    Hey, I asked you on your blog a while ago, but are you checking any of your email accounts while you’re over there? If so what ones?

  2. boy in the Bullshit Corner, AND drinking a beer....interesting! I love the logo that they draw into the foam of the beer!

    I didn't think you would be able to go 3 WHOLE MONTHS without buffalo wings!!! :-) I would call your love of buffalo wings an addiction! So, I'm glad you found some! Hope they were delish!

    Can't wait for your next blog!

    Take care of you!

    Love yoU!

  3. hey hey hey, this is christie-- on my mommy's computer!

    first of all lindsey, since brian hasn't answered your question, he's checking for sure, because that's what i email him on.

    i LOVE the fact that it is all cloudy and rainy and pretty when you are in dublin because that is exactly the weather i picture when i think about ireland! it is also some of my favorite weather, fyi.

    another thing i enjoy is the mermaid horse sculpture thing in the bridge photo. very interesting.

    hehehehe all the guiness pictures are very humorous. the one in bullshit corner would have to be my favorite.
    also, my mom and i were laughing about how big and close up your face becomes when we look at the pictures of you zoomed in. it's ALMOST like you're here. just without a body. and being completely still and silent.

    brian, why would you torture yourself by trying to abstain from buffalo wings all summer long?! you aren't giving up hot dogs or anything else we have in america, you crazy person! i say, try out the hot wings of europe whenever you feel like it. you're adventurous enough that you will be tasting local food as well, so i'm not worried.

    love you always!

  4. ahhhh embarrassing... sorry to spell your name wrong LINDSAY. i absolutely hate it when people do that to me!

    (christie again)

  5. Okay, I must talk about the elephant in the room...the elephant that your sister and your girlfriend are ignoring...THAT HAT! I'm sure we all agree that we HOPE you didn't buy that one! :-) But feel free to go back to Austria to get that other really cool hat!

    Your guiness hat reminds me of Joey (again another "Friends" reference) in the IT'S LONDON, BABY! episode.

    really hope you didn't buy it!


  6. Brian, I have to agree with mom, you didn't buy that hat, did you? This is so exciting to "travel" with you. I will go to Ireland some day. You look like a leprechan with that hat. Even if you know and appreciate how something is made doesn't mean you have to wear, drink or eat it. You can just appreciate the process!! :) Keep enjoying wings. Why would you deprive yourself of one of your favorites? I am not sure that buffalo wild wings would be the best place for wings but to each his own!! :) Well, gotta head to bed. Reggie says hello.

    Love ya -