Monday, May 25, 2009

Me and My Kite

So I got a kite and it’s pretty cool.  

How cool, you ask?

So cool that I’m going to take it to Europe and fly it whenever I can.  My hope is to fly it in a bunch of different cities, taking a picture and writing on the kite in each place I visit.

And here’s my first picture. (It's also the picture on top of my blog. Duh.) 

Location: Onalaska, Wisconsin, The Fifty Nifty, North America, Earth.

It’s a good start! Getting on the plane at 6 tomorrow! I'll get back to packing now...


  1. Since I'm new to blogging... when you add pictures of your simply fabulous trip, will I be able to comment on the individual pictures like on Facebook? Or can I just do general comments on the entire page like the comment I am making now? Is this where you will be posting alllll of your pictures? YAY! I CANNOT WAIT! =D

  2. Hurry up and have some new experiences so you can post a blog in Europe!

  3. What? you've been in Germany for TWELVE HOURS! And yet we have not seen ANY pictures! What ARE you doing with your time?!?! :-)Come on...come on...COME ON!!!