Sunday, May 31, 2009


Lübeck reminds me a lot of La Crosse, expect it’s older and cooler.


I mean, can you really beat cobble stone streets, red tile roofs, and ancient churches? I don’t think so. But, besides those, this whole city reminds me of downtown La Crosse. It has that same smell of garbage, smoke, and beer, it’s by a river, the roads are the same amount of dirtiness as La Crosse, and there are a bunch of smoky bars. It was very nice to be there because of the great memories I have in La Crosse.

I flew my kite for the first time in Europe here. It was a little embarrassing running around in the city square, trying—and failing—to make my kite fly in low wind. I kept it in the air for a few minutes, which awarded to me a good picture or two.

I realized how loud Americans are today. We—especially people my age—tend to enjoy talking loudly and yelling to each other. It’s not that people in Germany enjoy whispering, it’s just that they talk quietly and peacefully to each other. I’ve been in two cafes so far, and I’ve had to catch myself (and my friends) talking too loud. It must be so annoying to enjoy a nice, relaxing meal and have a bunch of loud people come in and have their version of a nice meal. It’s an interesting cultural difference that I didn’t expect.

As I was wandering around Lübeck (in which I did end up getting lost with a few friends, causing the whole choir to wait in the bus for an uncomfortable amount of time), I found two nice little cafes. The first was a pastry shop from which I purchased a cherry tart of some sort. Delish. My main joy, however, was when I found a small meat market. I love meat. I asked the person behind the counter to cut off a piece of her favorite salami and put it on a sandwich, and let me tell you, it was one of the most incredible things I have ever tasted. I wish I could tell you what it was like. Imagine salami in heaven.
(I’m not going to deny the possibility of me thinking that the salami was better than it was just because I’m in Germany and I expect it to be more special. Just allow me to have that moment.)

Apparently it was market day in Lübeck, so I bought some raspberries, which were wonderful. Also, they had asparagus like I had never seen. They had very wide stalks—overweight asparagus. If I had a steamer in my rolling suitcase, I would have bought them in a heartbeat.

If I may, I’d like to reflect on the fact that I got lost. It made me really nervous. At first it was fun and exciting, but as it went on I became quite scared. Not that I felt in danger or anything; it’s just that I was afraid. I’m going to have to get over that because it will probably happen more when I’m alone in Europe. I have to work on calming down.

“For I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of you right hand and says, Do not fear; I will help you.” –Isaiah 41-13

Maybe I’ll let Him lead me around.


  1. Yeah, trust Him to lead you.
    What's that next to the cherries? White asparagus?
    I love the cobblestone street shot! I think I want our driveway to be cobblestone.
    Love yoU!

  2. Yay!! Brian flying his kite in Europe picture!

    (the rest of the blog was very exciting as well!) hehhehe

  3. Hello Mr. Europe!

    Since I’m new to blogs this will probably be a bit discombobulated… I think I am going to do it by categories, that’s my best idea to keep it all organized!

    ***Comments on your pictures***
    --Pic #1—Ok, I know La Crosse, and that is NOT La Crosse. I guess I can see the similarities…kinda… but it’s a BIG stretch bucko. Well, at least it feels a smidge like home to you (the crappy parts!). = )
    --Pic #2— Oooh pretty roads! I LOVE that pic! Look at you with your fancy-schmancy camera angle, very artistic of you Sir!
    --Pic #4---This is a great picture! Good thing there wasn’t anyone else around!
    --Pic #5--- I have to tell you, when I first saw this picture I was thinking you found a German breakfast sandwich with special sausage and I was SO excited! Haha!

    ***My thoughts***
    --Please tell me you’re taking more pictures than the ones you’re posting! Don’t get me wrong the pictures you’re posting are fantastic, but I want to see MORE! = ) *Cough* (perhaps you can start a few facebook albums, they’ve increased that amount of pictures you can put into one album. Plus then all of your friends can see. AND your sister would be oh so very happy!) *Cough* Little known fact: you can cough entire sentences while your email, while when you’re face-to-face you can only get away with coughing one word. = )
    --I feel exactly the same way as you do when I get lost! Aww… another similarity between us how sweet… haha!
    --In conclusion, what email are you checking this summer so my future posts won’t as big and obnoxious next time…

  4. Okay, just a comment on Linds' comment: What's up with you both getting freaked out when you get lost! You've both been getting lost while you're enroute with me your entire lives! You should be used to it by now! :-) You know what I say..."it's not a road trip if you don't get lost at LEAST once!"