Monday, May 25, 2009

i'm taking a risk this summer...

 so i’m taking a risk this summer. the choir that i am a part of here at bethel is touring europe.  for 15 days or so, we will be traveling through germany, austria and the czech republic, singing the songs we’ve been rehearsing for the past year. after the choir leaves, me and a few friends are going to be staying for ten more days and go to france, england and ireland.  i realize that europe is a place i probably won’t visit again ever, or at least for a very long time. so i’ve decided, since it is cheaper to stay in europe than it is to leave and come back, i’m going to extend my stay a bit.

i’m talking the rest of the summer.

if i was the abbreviating kind, i would say, “OMG!”

i will be in europe this summer from may 28th to august 21st. after my friends leave, i will be in france for a week and a half, italy for another week and a half, and spain for about a month.  

terrifying, right?


but it's also pretty darn exciting. this time will be spent immersing myself in other cultures and learning about the people in each country. especially in spain, where i’ll be spending a majority of my time, i will be able to take the time to work on my spanish skills and, once again, learn about the culture.

this is going to be an incredibly challenging time for me, i know. but also a wonderful growing experience. so what i plan to do is revamp God’s Call is Loud for the summer so i can share with all of you my journey through europe.  

is that cool?

‘hope so. that is what my summer is going to look like.  i’ll give a more specific itinerary sometime soon.  

i leave in three weeks. i would truly appreciate your prayers and support.

peace to you all,


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